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Xbox Series X|S Rechargeable Battery Pack

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Recharge your gaming! Searching high and low to find batteries for your wireless controller? With the PDP Gaming Rechargeable Battery Pack, the search is over. Just pop the PDP Gaming Rechargeable Battery Pack into the back of your controller and slide on the battery door. You'll never need to buy or throw out batteries again, so you can save the planet while you're saving your team! When it's time to charge, plug in the micro-USB cable. It's also cross-compatible with the PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge Systems and PDP Gaming Play & Charge Kit (sold separately) so you have multiple ways to recharge before getting back in the game! LED indicators will move while your controller is charging and remain static when fully charged. The PDP Gaming Rechargeable Battery Pack is officially licensed by Xbox and comes with one battery pack and two battery doors* that work with all Xbox wireless controllers**. *Battery doors for Xbox Series X|S are labeled, “For controllers 2020 & later.” **Does not include Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2


Durable enough to withstand the competition and fiercest gamers


Expertly engineered audio is delivered through our fine-tuned, 40mm drivers for immersive gaming


Officially licensed by Xbox, and works with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11 PC, and more

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