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PDP Control Hub

PDP Control Hub for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One & Windows 10

Each Home screen features a design that matches your controller! Pin your favorite Configuration and Diagnostic settings for quicker access.

Connect your compatible PDP Wired Controller

This screen shows a detailed summary of your controller settings and allows you to pin your favorites, for easy access whenever you need them.

Customize to play your way

Reconfigure your controller to match your unique gaming style, and maximize performance.

Analog Sticks

Adjust the dead zones for a more responsive controller.


Set trigger sensitivity levels and adjust dead zones.

Audio Settings

Adjust audio configurations, like volume and game/chat balance.


Adjust the vibration strength of the controller to give you more, or less, rumble.

Re-Map Buttons

Prefer a certain button layout? Use the re-map feature to program any button to another on the controller.

Run diagnostics for maximum performance

Run lightning-fast tests and recalibrate different parts of your controller including buttons, sticks, triggers, and audio.

Test Buttons

Press each button on the controller to test the performance.

Recalibrate Sticks and Triggers

Reset your analog sticks and triggers for maximum responsiveness.

Available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

Download the app onto your console by searching for "PDP Control Hub" in the Microsoft Store.

Available for PC/Windows 10

Download the PDP Control Hub from the Microsoft Store.