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Elevate your game with our line-up of uniquely designed and officially licensed Xbox controllers, headsets, and accessories.

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AIRLITE™ Headsets

Upgrade your gaming with our new wired and wireless headsets.

REMATCH Advanced Controllers

Enhanced features and customizability

Afterglow™ Wave Controller

See your gaming in a new light with the Afterglow Wave Wired Controller for Xbox!


You can truly personalize this controller to match the kind of behavior you would want from any controller out today

- Royalflush

Best-in-Class Stereo Sound

- COGConnected

beautiful design" / "Great third-party controllers with good workmanship, chic design and cool additional functions" /"PDP delivers two very good controllers for the Xbox One family and the PC. Both controllers offer a great price / performance ratio, fit very well in the hand and have a robust workmanship

- Gamez Generation
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Victrix Gambit Dual Core Tournament Controller

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