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PlayStation 4/5 & PC Victrix PRO FS Arcade Fight Stick: Purple

PS5,PS4, & WINDOWS 10/11 PC


Focusing on fighting your enemy, not fatigue, with the built-in comfort features of the Purple Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick. Land every hit, especially when it matters most, with the reliable Sanwa Denshi buttons and our patented Link 2 Joystick. Made for tournaments, the Pro FS has integrated carrying handles and cable organizers for easy transportation, and a control bar filled with the buttons you need to make quick adjustments. Simply swap out components and make mods with the quick-access back panel and clean layout. Get ready to play like a pro with the tournament-ready Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick.

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Built for Tournaments

Comfort & Durability

Easy to Mod


The Pro FS™ is built with our custom electronics to deliver faster response times when it matters most. It's the difference between a block and winning or taking damage and losing. Paired with reliable and responsive Sanwa Denshi parts, the competition will be over before it even begins.

All-Day Comfort

The ergonomic button layout of the Victrix Pro FS™ makes quick work of your enemies, while reducing hand fatigue. Our integrated 6.28° wrist slope will help keep your wrists in the optimal position for comfort and accuracy, while the built-in foam pad on the back panel relieves the weight of the fight stick when in your lap.


Made from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Pro FS™ is built extremely tough to hold up to even the worst bumps and drops traveling has to offer. Manufactured with Sanwa Denshi parts, you know you're getting a reliable fight stick made to withstand the test of time.


Ready for any mod you want to make. The Pro FS™ features a quick-access back panel that makes getting to the inner components simple and hassle-free. Easily swap out the buttons, stick, and more with the cleanly laid out wiring harness and pieces. Use the included Allen wrench to help remove parts and make your updates.


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      PlayStation 4/5 & PC Victrix PRO FS Arcade Fight Stick: Purple

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    • PS5,PS4, & WINDOWS 10/11 PC
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"Arcade Perfect" "Victrix FS Pro feels built to last" "Victrix's standout line of fight sticks adds another excellent piece"



“The Pro FS-12 also screams quality just like the brand has come to be known, whether its its fight sticks, gamepads or headphones.”

Shack News


“These sticks offer a suite of advantages over other sticks, including a 12-button layout, a control bar with touchpad, a 3-meter USB-C cable, as well as a mode switch to change between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.”