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Victrix Pro FS & Pro FS-12 for PlayStation 4 & 5


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Victrix's upcoming device is not only officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment but also incredibly modular and customizable.

- Techspot

It’s clear to see that the Victrix team has built their arcade stick with ergonomics in mind

- Tech Telegraph

Arcade Perfect Battle Baton" / "I tried the Victrix FS Pro Arcade Fight Stick with nearly a dozen fighting games ranging from old-school classics to modern titles, and the results on the majority of the game were the same: this stick rules." / "The Victrix FS Pro Arcade Fight Stick is one of the best combat controllers I've ever used, if not the best." / "It's a sleek, stylish and cleverly designed arcade stick that I'll be playing most of my fighting games with for the foreseeable future.

- Crumpe

A company beat Sony’s DualSense Edge controller to the quarter-circle punch. PDP’s Victrix sub-brand announced the Pro BFG, a wireless PS5, PS4, and PC (X-Input) controller aimed at fighting game enthusiasts and officially licensed by Sony

- The Verge

it’s tough to imagine how Victrix could have made the built-in controls any more intuitive"

- The Verge
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Victrix Pro BFG Esport Controller for PS5™, PS4™ & PC

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