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PlayStation 4 & PC Pro AF Headset

PS5,PS4, & WINDOWS 10/11 PC


Officially licensed by PlayStation, the Victrix Pro AF is a streamlined design of the Pro AF ANC, so you get all the best features without sacrificing the audio quality it’s known for. After listening to feedback from streamers and esports competitors, we’ve added a removable microphone feature and on-ear audio controls to the Pro AF. Take your game to the next level, be Pro AF.

On-Ear Controls

Cobra Microphone

Cooling Design


Premium gaming equipment designed for esports athletes and their specific needs in tournaments. This gear will most certainly give you an advantage and help you win. Let us show you how.


We built the lightest esports headset ever. It's light but tough due to the aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel structures, lightweight polycarbonate and precision mechanical engineering.


With the needs of players always changing, the Pro AF does as well. With On-Ear controls and a removable microphone the Pro AF can be configured as well as adjusted on the fly.


Our ventilation system provides instant relief to the player. Patent pending mechanical levers open the earcup vents to release heat and humidity without losing team communication at any time


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      PlayStation 4 & PC Pro AF Headset

    • $129.99
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    • PlayStation 4 & PC Pro AF Headset

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    • $129.99

    • 50MM


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