CA Supply Chains Act
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CA Supply Chains Act

What is the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act?
This Act requires retailers and manufacturers doing business in California to publicly disclose their efforts to prevent slavery and human trafficking in their supply chain. Slavery and human trafficking can take many forms, including forced labor and child labor.

At Victrix, we believe that how we achieve success is just as important as success itself. We are therefore committed to complying with the law and upholding the highest standards of third party conduct everywhere we do business. With respect to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain, our practices include:


Through its internal supply chain team, Victrix periodically assesses its supply chain with respect to multiple factors, including efforts to prevent slavery and human trafficking.


Victrix personnel routinely visit suppliers' facilities. All Victrix suppliers are subject to inspections, announced and unannounced by Victrix as well as third parties to ensure compliance with applicable laws, including prohibition of slavery and human trafficking.


Victrix require all of its suppliers to certify with each purchase order that the materials in their product comply with all laws of the country where they do business, including anti-slavery and human trafficking laws.

Internal Accountability

In continually evaluating the supply chain, Victrix is committed to transparency in its operations and behaviors, including intervention with remedial actions if it were to ever become necessary. Compliance with applicable laws, including anti-slavery and human trafficking provisions is required for a continued business relationship with Victrix.


Victrix places great importance in providing its employees with the resources necessary to effectively and efficiently fulfill their job responsibilities. Victrix employees who evaluate the supply chain are provided with the requisite training and experience necessary to effectively perform their job responsibilities.